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About Writer Hop | Writer Hop

About Writer Hop


Welcome to Writer Hop, the world’s leading writing collaboration Web site. Whether you are here to write for fun, for practice, to overcome writer’s block, to write something for profit or perhaps work on a school essay or co-write lyrics or a poem or simply to read, Writer Hop is for you!

The process at Writer Hop is simple. After registering a free account, you can click on “Start Writing” or join collaborate with writers on writing already in progress. The writer who begins each piece of writing, regardless of category or genre, is referred to as the “Primary Author” (or PA). Other writers may suggest the next portion of a Primary Author’s title. They are known as the “Contributing Author” (or CA). The Primary Author is in complete control of his/her writing and can choose to accept from all the writing suggestions by Contributing Authors which will be the next part of their writing. Or a Primary Author can simply keep opting to use their own writing as the next part of their story/writing or even accept a contribution and then edit it.

If a Primary Author accepts a contribution/suggestion by a Contributing Author as the next portion of the writing, the Contributing Author receives 3 “Author Points”. Even if this contribution is later edited by the Primary Author, the CA will retain the 3 points and the attribution/byline for that part of the story. If a Primary Author copies and pastes the writing elsewhere, the CA may or may not receive credit elsewhere at the discretion of the PA. On Writer Hop however, your contributions are always recognized and rewarded.

Intellectual Property Rules:

Writer Hop is a place for you to write original text in any category or genre, whether for fun, to achieve noriety via Author Points, to overcome writer’s block or for other reasons. You are allowed to reproduce any writing that you created as the Primary Author via the “Start Writing” section of this Website. Once you begin any writing of any sort, you become the Primary Author of that writing/title and you become the owner of all writing related to that title, including collaborations by contributing authors on this website to your writing. You have permission by Writer Hop to publish your title anywhere, and it is agreed by all users of Writer Hop that all copyright and intellectual property involved with a particular title or story created on this website by a Primary Author is transferred to that Primary Author who began the writing. The only exception is the website itself, Writer Hop, which may reproduce all or part of any title or writing created on this site for its marketing purposes.

As an example, if a user goes to the “Start Writing” section of this website and begins a type of writing or story, that user becomes the Primary Author. The rest of the writing associated with that title will be created all or in part by that Primary Author and other authors or users or writers from this Website. However, all writing–regardless of author–that is associated with this title immediately becomes the ownership or intellectual property of the Primary Author or user who began the writing, except for this website, Writer Hop, which is considered co-owner of all rights solely for the purposes of the writing/intellectual property being displayed or featured on any web page on this website. A Primary Author may publish his or her title in part or in entirety as created on this website with a third party, or publish for print or on the internet for financial gain or otherwise. All Contributing Authors from this site by receive attribution at the discretion of the Primary Author, but retain no intellectual property or copyrights without express written declaration of said rights by the Primary Author.


For more information, please visit Writer Hop’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.